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Advanced Features of Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are a great way to keep you or your loved one safe by providing immediate help in the case of an emergency. Medical alert systems have come a long way over the years, and features have been added to make these easy-to-use systems more valuable. Here are some important features of the best medical alert system that you should know about.

Transmitter Options

One of the best things about alert systems is that the wearer can decide what type of transmitter works best for them. They can wear the transmitter as a pendant, watch, or clip it to the belt. In addition, the transmitter design makes it easy to transmit when desired, but prevents accidental transmissions as well.


Newer systems are more convenient and comfortable because they contain a long-lasting lithium battery. The transmission device is water resistant so that subscribers can bathe with it. This is especially important since many accidents occur in the shower or bathroom. The transmission device is designed to endure wear and tear.

Higher Range

A concern many people have is that they’ll only be able to contact help if they stay in their home. However, medical alert systems now feature longer ranges so that transmission is possible up to 1,000 feet. There are even GPS-enabled transmitters that allow subscribers to call for help from any location.

Monitoring Capabilities

Medical alert systems allow the subscriber and family to determine how closely they should be monitored. The console can be equipped with a room temperature sensor, or you can add tools that keep track of movement patterns. You can monitor your loved one from a distance using an activity timer that alerts you if the subscriber doesn’t check in at the pre-determined times. Or, you can choose to install an infrared motion detector that will let you know if there’s an absence of activity for a specified period of time. This can bring you great peace of mind.

Health Reminders

Medical alert systems are also a great way to remind your loved one about important health tasks like eating, drinking, and taking medications. This can be especially helpful for those with memory problems because the reminders can be as repetitive as you choose.