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How to Use a Medical Alert System

Heart health and medical alert systems are hugely important.

Medical alert devices not only bring peace of mind, but they can be an actual life saver in many situations. Whether you’re purchasing a medical alert system for yourself or a family member, it’s important that you know the different features of the system, as well as how to use it properly. Here are the basics of how the best medical alert systems work.

Device Features

Most medical alert system devices are worn around the neck, but they can also be worn as a wristwatch or be clipped to a belt. The most important thing is to have the device on the body where it can be easily accessed when needed. This means that the device should be waterproof, especially since many falls happen in the shower or tub. In addition, the activation button should be easy to push, but not so easy that it’s accidentally pushed often. Most devices remedy this problem with a slightly recessed activation button.

Alert System

When help is needed, the person wearing the device simply activates the alert system by pushing the transmission button. A microphone and speaker is part of the unit itself, so there’s no need to be able to access the phone. The system should have a range of a few hundred feet to cover any accidents that may occur anywhere in the home or yard. Once the system is activated a trained operator will respond to the call to determine what type of assistance is needed.

Receiving Assistance

A call for help doesn’t always necessarily mean that an EMT or ambulance is needed. In many cases, there may be simple assistance required. In these situations, the operator can contact a personal responder, which is a neighbor, friend, or family member who’ll be able to provide immediate assistance. If additional assistance is required, the operator can send emergency personnel in addition to contacting necessary family members or friends. The best medical alert system includes secure key lock boxes. This can be a valuable component of the alert system because the accident often prevents the person from opening the door. A secure lock box allows either the personal responder or emergency personnel to quickly gain access to the home and provide the necessary help.