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How Medical Alert Systems Work

Medical Alert

Medical alert systems can mean the difference between life and death for the person using them. For seniors, a medical alert system provides peace of mind when they’re home alone. If they should have a medical emergency, they can easily call for help even if they’re not able to move. The technology in medical alert systems has made significant progress since they first started appearing over 30 years ago. Let’s look at how these systems keep you and your loved ones safe.

  • Land line – For many years, medical alert systems worked through your home’s land line. A base unit would connect to your phone line and, when you pressed the button on your bracelet or necklace, it would call the command center and help would be called. Many systems would also allow you to talk with an operator throughout the process as well.
  • Cellular – With the advent of cellular technology, many medical alert systems now utilize cell towers instead of a land line. These systems have the advantage of working even if there is damage to the phone lines. Newer alert systems even have mobile options so that you or your loved one can easily access help no matter where you are.
  • Fall sensors – As great as these systems are, they’re limited by the fact that the wearer needs to be conscious to press the alert button to signal the company for help. Newer medical alert bracelets and pendants now have fall sensors built in that will automatically call the command center should you fall and be unable to press the button to call for help.

Medical alert technology has made significant advances over the years, however the basic concept is still the same. Within the medical alert system, you have a bracelet or pendant that connects to a base unit. That base unit then signals the command center and connects you with an operator, who coordinates with emergency personnel to get you the help you need. This system can allow seniors to be more independent while giving family members the peace of mind knowing that help is just a button press away.