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How Medical Alert Systems Can Protect Your Loved Ones

When your parents or other loved ones age, it can be difficult to not worry about how they’re doing. Everyone wants to be independent, and luckily, technology and systems can preserve self-reliance while also providing tools to signal for help in case of an emergency situation. If you’re worried about a loved one with reduced mobility or pressing health concerns, medical alert systems provide a way for an individual to signal for medical, fire, or police help.

Medical alert systems can protect your loved ones from a variety of dangers with easy-to-use, waterproof, and 100-foot range transmitters. When these transmitters are activated, help is alerted. The system also includes key lock boxes with codes that will be given to emergency responders after the alert device is activated.

If your loved one has reduced mobility or chronic health concerns, being able to signal for help quickly is crucial. If an individual has a long-range medical signaling pendant, he or she can alert professionals in the case of a fall or other accident. Because medical alert systems are shock and waterproof, they can be worn in the shower or bath and will protect your loved ones even if they are dropped or get wet (in up to three feet of water).

Medical alert systems also warn the fire department, so if your loved one forgot to turn off the oven or smells smoke in their building, the alert could save their lives. When people live alone, break-ins are a worry. The medical alert device can be pressed at all hours. If any suspicious activity is going on, your loved one can feel safe knowing they can signal for help discreetly and easily.

At WatchDog LIFEALARM, we provide a system of products designed to give individuals a reliable way to signal for professional help, including medical, police, or fire, at the quick touch of a button. We want to provide products that use the latest technology to keep customers and their loved ones safe. Our WATCHDOG 911 Emergency Response System is accredited—it has been Medicaid-approved in Oregon and Idaho. No matter your individual needs, we can aid you in finding the best option for your or your loved ones’ safety needs. Give us a call to discuss products and options today.