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How a Medical Alert System Can Help Your Loved One

Medical alert system

Senior citizens are in need of assistance from time to time, whether it’s with walking and rising from a seat or with routine tasks like cooking and getting dressed. However, some seniors are more independent and would prefer to take care of themselves. Despite this, even the healthiest seniors are susceptible to falling or otherwise injuring themselves. This can be a true emergency if they live alone. The best medical alert system, though, can be a lifeline for seniors who are independent or who occasionally live without assistance. Here is what a medical alert system, a voice or touch-activated alarm that contacts professional help, can do for the senior loved one in your life.


Sadly, over 1/3 of all seniors will be involved in a fall in their very own homes. A senior who falls while they are alone will have assistance with getting up or contacting an ambulance without worsening their injuries. For example, a broken hip can leave an individual virtually unable to move without excruciating pain. Alert systems can be used to contact medical care in a fall or other emergency.


Many elderly individuals refuse assistance with ordinary tasks or live-in nursing. This can be a serious harm to their pride, and being confronted with the possibility of losing their independence can cause seniors great despair. Those who are happiest living independently might prefer to have a medic alert bracelet because it allows them to be independent when they want and contact help when they need it.


Medical alert systems are there when a nurse or loved one cannot be. These alert devices 24/7, even when home health nurses or a family member is not available to provide assistance. Elderly individuals who want supervision and assistance but do not have access to it around the clock would feel safer and more capable knowing that the best medical alert system out there can provide emergency, 24-hour assistance.