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How a Medical Alert Necklace Can Protect Your Loved One

Medcial alert necklace

Medical alert systems are a great way to keep your loved one safe, and they also provide peace of mind for you. If you’re considering a medical alert necklace, it’s important to know the basic features of the system, how it works, and what benefits you’ll enjoy. Here’s what you need to know.

Alert System Components

A medical alert system consists of the necklace itself, monitoring services, and the dispatching of assistance when needed. In addition, the alert system may include a lockbox or home alarm system, if you choose. The necklace has a recessed transmission button that is pushed when assistance is needed. Some users may choose to wear the necklace as a wristwatch or clipped to the belt instead. The device contains a speaker and microphone for communicating with an operator.

How It Works

The system is easy to use. After the button is pushed, a trained operator responds via the alert device to assess the situation. In some instances, personal responders (nearby family or friends) are sent, and if more serious assistance is needed, emergency personnel are contacted.

Benefits of Medical Alert Systems

Of course, the most obvious benefit of a medical alert system is that help is available anytime. But there are additional benefits to consider as well. Many alert systems include 24-hour monitoring that tracks important information like the temperature of the residence and level of activity. The system can also send reminders to the wearer to take medications or conduct other scheduled activities.

Alert systems don’t confine the user to certain rooms. These systems cover hundreds of feet, so they’ll be effective in any area of the home and even out in the yard. Your loved one can continue doing the activities he or she loves without worrying about the ability to request help when it’s needed.

In addition to 24-hour monitoring, the alert system will be in effect even during power outages because there’s a backup battery to ensure continued coverage. These systems have distinct alarms to alert the user of different situations including low battery, reminder alerts, and a fire alarm. You can rest assured that your loved one will be able to obtain help from any location at any hour.