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The Importance of Medical Alert Bracelets for Heart Patients

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If you suffer from heart disease, then there are special measures you need to take to protect your health, which can include avoiding high-sodium foods and increasing your exercise routine. There may be additional life-saving measures you should take as well, which may include using medical alert bracelets.

What They Do

What are alert bracelets? They are medical alert devices that are both fashionable and functional. These simple bracelets look like any accessory you would find in a clothing store or at a jeweler, but they contain life-saving information. Paramedics are trained to inspect patients’ bodies for any detailing information, including the wrist. They know how to spot medical alert bracelets and will read them for identifying details, as well as anything that healthcare professionals such as themselves and ER physicians will need to know about your health condition and any medical care you rely on.

Benefits to Heart Patients

If you suffer from any type of heart disease or condition, then a medical bracelet can save your life. Here is how:

  • If you have a pacemaker, your ID bracelet can notify nurses and paramedics to this fact and they will adjust their care accordingly.
  • If you have an implanted defibrillator or stents to improve your heart health, you can also include this information on your bracelet.
  • Physicians should know if you take Warfarin, Xarelto, or any other major medications like these. These medications adjust your heart rate, blood thickness, and/or ability to clot (important for healing cuts and other wounds). Important medications can be listed on your bracelet.
  • Medical ID bracelets can notify medical professionals of everything they need to know about your heart health in short abbreviations that they are trained to understand. For example, “INR” indicates that you take blood thinners.
  • If you care for a senior loved one with recall or communication difficulties, a bracelet can tell medical professionals all pertinent information about their health, medications, implanted devices, and more, so that they don’t have to.

With all of this information on your bracelet, medical professionals can care for you during an emergency in the way that is most appropriate for your specific health needs and heart health. Medical alert bracelets are a life-saving necessity for you and anyone you love who suffers from any form of heart disease.