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What to Engrave on a Medical Alert Bracelet


For some people, jewelry is just a fun thing to wear to accent an outfit as they head out for the day. For others, jewelry can literally be lifesaving. Medical alert bracelets are critical pieces of jewelry for people that have medical conditions and allergies. In case of a medical emergency, ID jewelry helps to keep these people safe by letting others know that they have diabetes, allergies, or other medical conditions. The problem is: how do you know what to put on your medic alert bracelet?

Personalized for You

One of the beautiful things about this type of jewelry is that you can personalize it to fit your particular needs. Everyone is different in the type of alerts that they need to let the public and first responders know about in case they have a medical emergency while out and about. Having your pertinent information on your bracelet will help speed up the care process.

Talk to Your Doctor

Talk with your doctor if you’re not confident about what conditions you have should be on your medical bracelet. Your doctor can be an excellent source of information for what information is more important to include than others. They may tell you that it’s more important to have that you’re diabetic or allergic to penicillin rather than that you have celiac disease. Your doctor will know what first responders need to know at that moment to help save your life.


Don’t be afraid to abbreviate your conditions in case you need more room. Using standard abbreviations, such as ALGY for allergy or T1D for Type 1 Diabetes, can make it easier to get more information on your bracelet without a problem.

Common Things to Include

There are several things that are common to have on your medical ID jewelry. Often, you’ll want to include your name, medical conditions, food and drug allergies, medications, special treatments, and of emergency contacts.

Personalizing medic alert bracelets are just one way that you can protect yourself in case of a medical emergency. They can work well in conjunction with a medical alert system. Contact Watchdog 911 to learn more about how to keep you and your loved ones safe.