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Emergency Medical Alert Systems for Senior Citizens


Most people are familiar with medical alert systems geared toward senior citizens. They are fairly straightforward devices, designed to allow the wearer to call for help if they fall or experience another medical emergency where they’re unable to reach a phone. Falling is one of the most common ways for people over 65 years old to get injured. The system gives seniors more independence, since they don’t need to be monitored by family members 24/7, and it also gives their loved ones more peace of mind at the same time.

The Basics

Most models work by sending out an alert when the wearer presses a button on the device. The signal goes through the home phone line, connecting to a monitoring service that can then notify appropriate emergency responders. For seniors who are more active, you may want to consider a model that works on a wider range or one that’s portable and doesn’t need to connect to a home phone line.

When looking for a med alert system, it’s important that you select a long-lasting product designed to be waterproof and easily wearable (usually around the neck or wrist). This way your loved one should never have to take it off, even when they’re in the shower. Another important feature is fall detection, where the system can send out an alert if the wearer falls, even if they’re unable to call for help themselves. Make sure you know how long the battery lasts and how to tell when it’s time to be replaced.

Other Features

Medic alert systems come with many other possible functions, making it easy to choose the one that best meets your loved one’s specific needs. Relatively active and independent seniors may benefit from functions like GPS tracking or even fitness tracking, which keeps track of the number of steps taken and other fitness goals.

Other useful features include alert systems that monitor smoke and carbon monoxide, as well as the wearer’s vital signs. Many alert systems can also be tied into your smartphone, so you can check in on your loved one throughout the day.