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5 Benefits of Using Medical Alert Systems

Elderly woman with emergency button

As an aging baby boomer, you are faced with a mountain of decisions regarding your own and possibly your parents’ care. Today’s technology can help simplify your life and offer low-cost alternatives for necessary services. Medical alert devices are readily available and may offer at least the following benefits:

  • May reduce the need for in-home care. You could consider hiring outside help, but use of an alert device may allow you to stay in your own home until you clearly need comprehensive care.
  • Provides protection of your privacy and independence. Using a medic alert bracelet or necklace device lets you choose who has your private health and contact information. Additionally, medical alert device companies are bound by confidentiality agreements with you.
  • May eliminate the need of owning or always carrying a phone in case there is an emergency. Give up the expense! Additionally, with a medical alert device. you are hands-free and don’t have to remember the phone if you step outside for a minute.
  • May offer additional alerts, such as police and fire department. Some companies offer customers direct contact to police and fire departments, either as an additional or add-on charge to their subscription.
  • Provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones. When you are wearing your device, you know you can reach help instantly if you fall or encounter some other emergency. Additionally, your loved ones are reassured you can summon help on short notice.

Today’s marketplace offers several models of devices and several options with each model. The monthly charge can vary as well, so you are encouraged to shop around to get the model, features, and price that will meet your needs.

Wearing a medical alert device may allow you to stay in your home postponing the need for additional help as you age. There is no escaping the aging process, but technology may make it easier.