Supervised 1-Button, 1-Channel Pendant/Wrist Transmitter

The WATCHDOG 911 battery powered, miniature, water-resistant, supervised Medical Alert System transmitter designed for use in emergency applications with the Medical Alert System Console. Pressing the button on the transmitter sends a digital coded wireless signal to the console. Supplied with pendant, velco strap, wristband, belt clip, or pocket clip configurations.

Supervised 1-Button, 1-Channel Pendant Transmitter

Pendant style water-resistant transmitter designed for use in emergency applications, includes breakaway nylon necklace, visual activation indicator.


Medical Alert System Console

External Remote Speaker / Microphone kit  for Two-Way voice capability, comes in an attractive plastic case that houses an 8-ohm speaker and microphone, unit can be tabletop or wall mounted.COMING SOON:No telephone line needed! The new Medical Alert System Console will feature a cellular communication module.

Inactivity Transmitter-Supervised Universal Door/Window Transmitter

Add additional capabilities to your WATCHDOG 911 Medical Alert System. The supervised door/window transmitter can be used to monitor activity, activate an emergency alarm, or monitor other key accessories. Includes lithium batteries.

Supervised Passive Infrared Motion Detector Transmitter

The inactivity device can monitor activity within the subscriber’s household. In the absence of activity for a specified period, the console will automatically alert the Emergency Monitoring Station.

Supervised Photoelectric Smoke Detector Transmitter

Add a smoke detector to your WATCHDOG 911 Medical Alert System for additional security. Warning tones will be sounded by the console and the smoke detector to alert you, even if you are sleeping.



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