WATCHDOG 911 relies on a best-in-class emergency response monitoring station.

Operations Personnel:

All operators must have a minimum of an Associate’s degree, two years toward a BA/BS or equivalent military experience. Training consists of six weeks of classroom training, hands-on training under certified Shift Trainers and floor-training under the Supervisors and Managers with ongoing training and testing under a formal Quality Assurance program. All operators are SIA-certified; operators are also EMT-certified. Spanish-speaking operators are on duty at all times.

Redundancy: Power

Dual digitally controlled Caterpillar diesel generators, supported by independent 1200 gallon fuel tanks, supply a total of 1.2 megawatts of secure standby power.

Redundancy: Telecommunications

  • The facility’s Avaya Definity G3R Version 11 Telecommunications Server with critical reliability option has dual processors and redundant fiber optic links between carriers
  • The system’s primary power source is DC, providing clean, reliable power
  • Use of multiple national and local service providers creates unsurpassed redundancy
  • Rapid’s Multi T-3 circuits and SONET Ring architecture offer advanced mission-critical reliability with layered backup
WATCHDOG 911 Competitor

State of the Art Facility

Their Facility…Really?

2 Year Degree Required No Educational Requirements
EMT Requirements No EMT Requirements
UL Certified Not UL Certified
FM Approved Not FM Approved
FDNY Approved Not FDNY Approved
Totally Secured Underground Wiring Unsecured Arial Wiring
Two 600 KW Caterpillar Generators One 100 KW Katalight Generator
Two Liebert 150kVA UPS 10 Hour Battery Backup
Secure Access: Apps, Rapidweb3k, RapidLink3k, Customer Portal and App Access: Unsecure Web Portal

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